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Dahabiya Iftar Menu (Dahab)

The Best Menu for Iftar

Soups of the Day

Chicken Orzo Soup

Comfort in a bowl

– refreshing orzo pasta (Lesan Asfour) with chicken & lemon

Chicken Crème Soup

Tender chicken bits, aromatic

vegetables and herbs, infused with fresh cream – The ultimate comfort food.

Cream of Mushroom

A French classic – a variety of

fresh mushrooms cooked to perfection, finished with cream, and served with


Pigeon Freekeh Soup

Clear Broth Pigeon

stew cooked with whole Egyptian wheat Freekeh

Vermacilli & Chicken Soup

Clear Broth Pigeon

stew cooked with whole Egyptian wheat Freekeh

Kawareé Soup

Oriental trotter soup broth

in vegetable stew

Starters & Salads

Starters & Salads

  • Fresh House Salad
  • Baba Ganoush
  • Marinated Eggplant stuffed
  • with oriental spices
  • Mixed Pickles
  • Creamy Garlic Dip
  • Yogurt Salad
  • Tabuleh Salad
  • Mahmara Salad with walnuts  
  • Crispy Mombar
  • Cheese Sambousak 
  • Kofta Yogurt Sauce
  • Oriental Sausage
  • Oriental Liver


Lamb or Veal Shank

Slowly cooked marinated

shanks served with authentic in-house Egyptian Fattah.

Stuffed Pigeon with Freekeh or Rice

A pair of stuffed pigeon with

cardamom, liver, and nuts served with your choice of freekeh or rice.

Grilled Veal Chops

Grilled veal with vine leaves




  • Molokhiya

Traditional Egyptian

molokhiya soup cooked to perfection with fresh garlic.


  • Okra with Tomato and Coriander

Baked traditional okra with

fresh coriander and tomato paste.


  • Rokak with Minced Meat  
  • Potatoes with Rice Kofta
  • Baked Rice with Crème
  • Traditional Mixed Dolma

  • Mousakaá with Béchamel

Layered Eggplant based with

ground meat, cheese, and topped with thick béchamel sauce.



  • Assorted Oriental Pastry      
  • Konafa 
  • Basboosa      
  • Zalabya     
  • Qatayef   
  • Rice Pudding topped with Nuts
  • Balah Elsham
  • Om Aly with Nuts
  • Sliced Water Melons

Dahabiya Cairo | All rights reserved. 

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