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Sohoor Menu ( Premium )

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Homemade yogurt

In-house Fokhara style yogurt, served with honeycomb

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Foul Lebenese

Egyptian beans served with chickpeas, topped with fresh tomato, parsley, drizzled in virgin olive oil

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Falafel Deep Fried


Taameya, sesame crusted, infused with fennel seeds, and spiced stuffing

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House Salad


of romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and cucumber

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Olives with herb-oil

Served with your choice of Honey or Raspberry


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Fatayer Dahabiya

Traditional fresh layered pastry, with smoked

turkey, pastrami, …

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 Anadol Shakshouka

Poached eggs, mixed with tomato sauce, fresh onions, garlic, and mixed spices.

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Butter light Omelette

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Boiled Eggs

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Mixed Cheese

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